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Vertical industry

Master of Architecture,Year 1.

University of Strathclyde,UK.

exterior 2.jpg

The idea of a small scale industry has been inspired from my  Indian  roots  where  it helps provide for the working class families and also provide for  people who cant  afford  education with a specific  skill  set  to  excel  in  the  field,  gain  employment  and provide for their family and kids. these   industries   maybe   formed   by  a lot  of   various  different sectors such as clothing, cane work, pottery. This  helps  keep  the  local  production  intact  which means  that  the   employment  of  a  particular  sector remains  in  that sector and the people do not have to travel a distance. The local production also helps reduces the  transportation cost as it can be produced and then sold . this makes the cost to import raw material and good from outside less.


The site :

1) The river side site is a unique in opportunity and history

2) The river side is one of the derelict and vacant sites in Govan but it is the jewel in the crown.

3) It is fundamental to any successful local planning and economic development strategy. within broadly agreed regeneration aims, there are still different ways to develop the site.


Existing and potential use of site:

1) Development of the existing regular Saturday market activity.

2) Important informal public space and occasional public events.

3) A space for enjoying and celebrating cultural heritage.

4) Interlinking fast link stooping point.

5) Historical and present crossing point to and from Govan site to river side museum.

6) Giving prominence to the site will help attract more tourists in Govan thus doing justice to the heritage sites in Govan.

site plans .png
PROESS 1.png

The cocoons that are ready to be harvested from the tree and bought for further stage     

Twig frames are prepared for the cocoons 

In stage the cocoons are then weighed and boiled which helps to kill the moth inside    

The cocoons are soaked and the silk is wound on spools this process helps separate the strands which are then drawn into threads.

The woven using a loom into any desired product  

section 1 govan .png
govan imgs.png

Facade detail.

sec details .png

Cool roof   -reflects heat -reduces heat island effect Vegetated roof -provides unique educational and   Recreational space -insulates better than typical roof Reduces rainwater runoff 

sec details .png

Electrical lighting

-low energy fixtures  

-flexible settings

-day light sensing dimmers 

sec details .png

Overhangs and inset windows  

-creates favourable microclimates

-reflects light into the workshop spaces

-reduces summer heat gain  

-reflects winter sun inside  

sec details .png

North facing windows  

-reduces heat gain  

-brings in natural light operable windows  

-natural ventilation  

-direct views to outside  

sec details .png

High windows  

-reduces electrical lighting   needs in all workspace 


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