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Crown Pavalion

Residential redevelopment project.

Intern Architect, Greenworld Developers.


Green world developers gave me the opportunity to work on the redevelopment of the St Josephs colony at kalyan, Mumbai. The project started in 2014, and is due to be completed  in October 2021. I worked for a brief period as assistant architect in the year 2015 - 2017. The project was to redevelop a colony into two separate residential buildings. I gained practical knowledge and insight about site work, drafting plans - sections - elevations, generating 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional renders, designing brochure, interacting with tenants and documentation work. Some of the work that I did on the project and other ongoing porjects at the time have been attached below. 

2 Dimentional rendered floor plans 

3 Dimentional renderes for interior and exterior views 

AutoCAD plans

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